Chromatic cPanel Login theme

Today I am releasing Chromatic, a unique cPanel login theme that VlexoFree members have gotten use to now, free to the public. I have licensed it under GPLv3 so you’re free to do what you wish with it.

Chromatic is fully XHTML 1.1 and CSS3 valid. The theme uses no images (except for the favicon) and all styling is done via CSS. It’s tested with Firefox3 and 4, Opera 10, Safari 5, Google Chrome 6 and IE8.

This theme is great as a elegant streamlined login thats considerably smaller then the default cPanel login theme.

A screenshot (using Chrome on Mac) is below:

Chromatic cPanel Login theme


Demo: WHM | cPanel | webmail

Let me know how you like it and if you see any problems. Also, read the INSTALL file included.

Download Chromatic:

1.0.0 – Initial release

Tips: Speed up your WordPress blog or website

Wordpress Logo

For those of you who use a WordPress blog or use it as a CMS this tip will show you how to dramatically speed up your sites by decreasing your sites’ loading time, bandwidth, load on the server, file size and making use of better caching; all with just one plugin.

The plugin is called W3 Total Cache and  I will show you some of the settings you can enable to take advantage of speed improvements.

First thing you want to do is go into your WordPress control panel and click Add New under the Plugins menu then search for “W3 Total Cache” and click on Install.

Once installed there will now be a menu in your sidebar called Performance; go to General Settings. There you want to Enable the Page Cache using Disk (Enhanced), Minify using Disk and lastly enable Browser Cache. Then click on the Save Changes button if you made any changes. Note: These are the default settings and don’t try to use Opcode caching on our server as SuPHP prevents it from working.

Next click on Page Cache and Enable the Cache 404 (not found) pages setting. Save Changes.

Then click on Minify and check everything under HTML minify settings. Then under Ignored comment stems add the following:


Then Save Changes.

After that go to Browser Cache and enable what you want to be enabled, but make sure “

When you have everything set go back to General Settings and Disable the Preview Mode setting to turn the system on.