Apache upgraded to 2.4 and more..

Today I upgraded our Apache (what’s used to make your web pages be seen on the internet) version to the 2.4 series (was the 2.2 series before). With this upgrade should come performance improvements so you should see your web pages load a bit faster now. For an in depth look at what’s new take a look at: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/new_features_2_4.html

An important note for all users who are running an RoR application, apache 2.4 is adding the index file name from the DirectoryIndex directive to the URI, so if rails is in production mode this shows up as a 404 error causing cpanel’s/apache’s redirect/rewrite to not work making your application not show up. To fix this you must add the following to your “.htaccess” file in your “/public_html” folder:

DirectoryIndex disabled

Other minor news is that PHP was also updated to the latest 5.4 minor version, which is not that exciting. The next major update should be updating PHP to version 5.5 but it was made available to cPanel only a few days ago so I’m going to give it some time to mature and fix any bugs that come up.

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