VlexoFree, back on Bing

This story starts about 5 months ago, in October, with me trying to do a search for “VlexoFree” on Bing. The result was troubling as there were no results for vlexofree.com or any vlexofree subdomains. I’m not sure when this started but I do know VlexoFree was listed on microsoft’s search engine when I first started VlexoFree.

Anyways, it took me 5 months of emailing Microsoft Support back and forth to find out what the issue was and for them to fix it. But I am happy to announce that as of today VlexoFree.com and all of its subdomains are now being re-indexed by Bing and will start appearing in searches today.

Eli L.
VlexoFree Owner, System Administrator

Personal 300? You mean Personal 500?

Happy new year everyone! There haven’t been many changes to VlexoFree for a while which might make it seem like VlexoFree is slowing down or dying.. I’ve come here to say that this is far from the truth!

To start off this year I’m getting rid of the Personal 300 plan and changing it to the Personal 500 plan. This means everyone on who is currently on the Personal 300 plan will be getting an upgrade from 300 megabytes of space to 512 megabytes of space.

As I assess our current plans there might be more changes like this in the future!

Eli L.
VlexoFree Owner, System Administrator

Recent Downtime Announcement – Sept 29 to Oct 1

Here is the explanation for this weekend’s downtime that you’ve all probably have noticed.

On September 29th at around 6am (GMT -8:00) the server went offline for what was supposed to be a simple hard drive replacement due to a few SMART errors showing hard drive wear. Unfortunately due to a miscommunication between me and the upstream provider, the contents of the old drive were not transfered over to the new drive. The time between that and October 1st the downtime was due to waiting for responses from upstream and hiring a 3rd party to transfer all the data to the new hard drive. At 3pm (GMT -8:00) on October 1st all the data was transfered successfully to the new hardrive and all problems were successfully resolved.

There was no dataloss due to the drive transfer and in all, there was about 57 hours of downtime.

In regard to emails sent to your VlexoFree hosted email accounts; if you had emails sent to you during the downtime you will most likely start to receive them within the day as the sending host retries their mail queue.

Sorry for the unacceptably long downtime caused by this and the inconveniences it may have caused you. Hopefully this will not happen again.

Eli L.
VlexoFree Owner, System Administrator

Minor redesign of VlexoFree.com

If you haven’t seen the VlexoFree website lately you might want to take a quick look!

We have done away with the mainly unused “sidebar” that was used on some of the pages on the site and our home page is completely redesigned to have a better “flow” as well as have a better table of our plans for connivence for new visiters. Lastly, the VlexoFree blog has a new theme that makes it much easier to read!

Some smaller changes include a different and more readable font, an addition to the color scheme, and overall smaller page sizes for faster loading.

Reminder: Make backups!

This is just a friendly reminder to all VlexoFree members to make sure you’re making frequent backups of your website.

We do not keep backups of any members’ accounts off the server so, to minimize the chances of your website or files being lost, please remember to frequently generate a full backup of your account then download that backup and store it on your computer (or anywhere else you would like that is not on this server).

To do this just follow these steps:

  1. Login to cPanel and go to the “Files” Box
  2. Click on the “Backup Wizard” image then click on “Backup”
  3. Do a “Full Backup”.
  4. Wait for the backup to complete
  5. Once the backup is done, download the backup to your computer.
Once you have downloaded the backup to your computer I would recommend you delete the backup file on your VlexoFree account to free up space on your account so you dont go over your space quota.

Server issues – May 17th

For the first time in a while the server has had some major downtime.

Basically at 7:30am PST the server’s internet connection went offline and unfortunately I was asleep until about 10:30. So, when I woke up to see the server down I contacted upstream support and they replaced a faulty ethernet cable on the server.

About 3 hours downtime total; and I’m very sorry for any inconvenience.

-Eli L

Rolling MySQL changes

Over the past weeks or so I’ve been making rolling MySQL changes in hopes of improving the reliability and speed of it. I thought I’d share a big change I made which is that the default storage engine is now InnoDB and the default character set is now utf8.

If anyone is an experienced MySQL sysadmin and would like to help out optimizing our MySQL instance then please Contact Us. We could use your help!