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Welcome to the VlexoFree Wiki!

Here you will be able to get help, find answers to your problems and help contribute to our knowledge database!


Basics of uploading files to your account.
How to connect your apps to your databases.
File Permissions
An overview of the permissions your files and folders should be and should not be.
Domain Setup
Guides on how to setup your domain for use on VlexoFree.
Login URLs
An overview of the various urls used to log into things like cPanel, Webmail, Web Disk, etc.
A list of the common ports used on the server.
Ads and Linkbacks
A guide on how to use our ad and linkback system.
An explanation of what suPHP is, and what effect it may have on you.

How Do I....


What are the VlexoFree Nameservers?

Our Nameservers are:

  • - IP:
  • - IP:

For more help setting up your domains, please visit Domain Setup

Can I put my own ads on my site?

Yes, you can put your own ads on your site.

Am I allowed Multiple Accounts?

No - Only one account per household is permitted.

Read all of the FAQs HERE