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Below are guides on how to setup your domain for VlexoFree if your domain is at

See the Nameservers page for the required VlexoFree nameservers.

Video Guide


Text Guide

Step 1

  • Log-in to your control panel
  • Find the domain you wish to manage & Click It
  • Click Set up
  • Select the 1. Name Server radio button
  • Add the following into the first two fields:

Step 2 (If adding it as an addon or parked domain)

  • Log in to the cPanel System
  • Select either Addon Domain or Parked Domain' (See details in Glossary below)
  • In the domain box, put the domain name you edited above.
  • Enter any other details needed, and press OK/Submit
  • You now have an extra domain!


  • Name Server - This is a server that points a domain name (eg to your account
  • DNS - Domain Name Server, exactly the same as Name Server
  • Addon Domain - Allows you to "host" two sites on one account. Although it gives them separate FTP details, cPanel is only accessible from the original login details given.
  • Parked Domain- Allows you to have 2+ domains associated with one website, i.e having, and all showing the same site.