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These instructions will help you set up your domain for the VlexoFree services.

Video Guide

We're on it!

Text Guide

1. Log into your Gandi control panel at

2. Click "Domains" and then click the domain you wish to set up.

3. Scroll down and click "Modify DNS Information"

4. Clear all the text boxes and insert the following information:


5. Press "Submit"

6. The system will ask you to confirm your changes - It will also give you the IP of the VlexoFree nameservers for verification. You can safely press "Activate".

7. It will now inform you that the DNS server change was successful - Your domain now points to the VlexoFree Nameservers!


You may now want to set up your domain for VlexoFree.

Please go to Domain Setup for instructions on how to do this.