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You have multiple ways of getting support from VlexoFree regarding your account.

We recommend that you gain support in this order;

1 : Wiki

This wiki is of course your main and first choice if you have a general question about how to do something with your account or setting things up.

2 : Google

If you cannot find what you were looking for in the Wiki then try searching for your problem in Google and see if you can find any solutions in the results. Furthermore, if your account or website has an error, searching for the error and finding the most you can about it will help you and staff greatly. Also, it may be worth trying the "dev-lis" or "trac" for errors/bug/reports of the same kind, as they usually contain patches or fixes that can solve this problem. If you were unable to solve your error on your own then please go on to the Forums.

3 : Forums

The Forums are the last stop for your problems. If you have an error on your account that can only be sovled with admin intervention or you need account maintenance just post your question in the Support Forum. Alternatively you can use our GetSatisfaction page at .