“New” website and Blog


Moving and moving.

In my ongoing effort to improve VlexoFree we now have a “new” website and a new blog!

The reason I’m saying new with quotes is that all the content and the basic look of the site is basically the same. The sidebar styles on the pages are now changed to match the blog and I’ve moved all pages over to be managed by WordPress (except for iPanel and Blesta).

Some pages have been removed from the menu (but can still be accessed if you try hard enough) as they really had no usable content that you cant get from the wiki..

Also, in a addition to VlexoFree related content in this new blog, there will (and already is) other content related to programming, server maintenance and other things that people might find helpful.

I guess if anyone else thinks they could post some useful content on this blog contact me and show me what you got.

5 thoughts on ““New” website and Blog

  1. It’s a bit odd.. I can’t log in with facebook.. I can however link my facebook account with my existing username… Maybe it’s the same email address?

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