Expert 2000 Ad-Free plan improvements!

To show a little love to the current ad-free members of VlexoFree I have made the following changes to your plan (Expert 2000 Ad-Free).


  • Advanced DNSĀ editorĀ enabled
  • Addon websites increased from 4 to 5
  • Databases increased from 5 to 7
  • Parked domains are now unlimited
  • FTP Accounts are now unlimited
  • Email Accounts are now unlimited
  • Mailing Lists are now unlimited
  • Subdomains increased from 20 to 35

All this still for $5!

Downtime: Server crash

This post is to report the latest downtime the server faced.

The downtime was caused by a user using a shitty script on the server which he most likely wrote himself. Sadly, the fetching of the process list timed out before it could be emailed to me, so I dont know what script or what user caused it.

The crashed was caused by the server running out of allĀ availableĀ memory. And the downtime totaled 3hrs and 50min (I was sleeping…).

So in the meantime I’m going to be trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening.

Note: if you’re a new user downtime like the does not happen often. You can check the detailed uptime stats if you dont believe me.

Sorry for theĀ inconvenienceĀ everyone.

Chromatic cPanel Login theme

Today I am releasing Chromatic, a unique cPanel login theme that VlexoFree members have gotten use to now, free to the public. I haveĀ licensed it under GPLv3 so you’re free to do what you wish with it.

Chromatic is fully XHTML 1.1 and CSS3 valid. The theme uses no images (except for the favicon) and all styling is done via CSS. It’s tested with Firefox3 and 4, Opera 10, Safari 5, Google Chrome 6 and IE8.

This theme is great as a elegantĀ streamlinedĀ login thats considerably smaller then the default cPanel login theme.

A screenshot (using Chrome on Mac) is below:

Chromatic cPanel Login theme


Demo: WHM | cPanel | webmail

Let me know how you like it and if you see any problems. Also, read the INSTALL file included.

Download Chromatic:

1.0.0 – Initial release

Tips: Speed up your WordPress blog or website

Wordpress Logo

For those of you who use a WordPress blog or use it as a CMS this tip will show you how to dramatically speed up your sites by decreasing your sites’ loading time, bandwidth, load on the server, file size and making use of better caching; all with just one plugin.

The plugin is called W3 Total Cache andĀ Ā I will show you some of the settings you can enable to take advantage of speed improvements.

First thing you want to do is go into your WordPress control panel and click Add New under the Plugins menu then search for “W3 Total Cache” and click on Install.

Once installed there will now be a menu in your sidebar called Performance; go to General Settings. There you want to Enable the Page Cache using Disk (Enhanced), Minify using Disk and lastly enableĀ Browser Cache. Then click on the Save Changes button if you made any changes. Note: These are the default settings and don’t try to use Opcode caching on our server as SuPHP prevents it from working.

Next click on Page Cache and Enable the Cache 404 (not found) pages setting. Save Changes.

Then click onĀ Minify and check everything under HTML minify settings. Then under Ignored comment stems add the following:


Then Save Changes.

After that go to Browser Cache and enable what you want to be enabled, but make sure “

When you have everything set go back to General Settings and Disable the Preview Mode setting to turn the system on.

PHP update: 5.3.2 to 5.3.3

Just a notice to all users that the server’s PHP version has been updated from version 5.3.2 to version 5.3.3.

Changes include:

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.3.3:

  • Rewrote var_export() to use smart_str rather than output buffering, prevents data disclosure if a fatal error occurs (CVE-2010-2531).
  • Fixed a possible resource destruction issues in shm_put_var().
  • Fixed a possible information leak because of interruption of XOR operator.
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption because of unexpected call-time pass by refernce and following memory clobbering through callbacks.
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption in ArrayObject::uasort().
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption in parse_str().
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption in pack().
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption in substr_replace().
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption in addcslashes().
  • Fixed a possible stack exhaustion inside fnmatch().
  • Fixed a possible dechunking filter buffer overflow.
  • Fixed a possible arbitrary memory access inside sqlite extension.
  • Fixed string format validation inside phar extension.
  • Fixed handling of session variable serialization on certain prefix characters.
  • Fixed a NULL pointer dereference when processing invalid XML-RPC requests (Fixes CVE-2010-0397, bug #51288).
  • Fixed SplObjectStorage unserialization problems (CVE-2010-2225).
  • Fixed possible buffer overflows in mysqlnd_list_fields, mysqlnd_change_user.
  • Fixed possible buffer overflows when handling error packets in mysqlnd.

Key enhancements in PHP 5.3.3 include:

  • Upgraded bundled sqlite to version
  • Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.02.
  • Added FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) SAPI.
  • Added stream filter support to mcrypt extension.
  • Added full_special_chars filter to ext/filter.
  • Fixed a possible crash because of recursive GC invocation.
  • Fixed bug #52238 (Crash when an Exception occured in iterator_to_array).
  • Fixed bug #52041 (Memory leak when writing on uninitialized variable returned from function).
  • Fixed bug #52060 (Memory leak when passing a closure to method_exists()).
  • Fixed bug #52001 (Memory allocation problems after using variable variables).
  • Fixed bug #51723 (Content-length header is limited to 32bit integer with Apache2 on Windows).
  • Fixed bug #48930 (__COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ incorrect in PHP >= 5.3).

For a full list of changes in PHP 5.3.3, see the ChangeLog.

New cPanel login theme!

cPanel Login Theme

New cPanel Login theme

Take a look for this is your new VlexoFree cPanel Login theme. šŸ˜€

It took me a little while to finish this as I had to wait on cPanel staff for almost 2 weeks just to be told that they are not 100% themer friendly. I worked around the problem and finished it all up today.

I think I tested everything pretty well. The theme works alright on IE8 or above but works the best on Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera (basically anything but IE).

What do you think, Like it or hate it? Cast your vote people!

Remember, you can access cPanel at

Mail Server Issue

About an hour ago I realized that I was notĀ receivingĀ any emails from our server. So I did a few tests and found that no mail was coming out of the server.

Oddly I could not figure out where the exact problem was located so I did a server reboot hoping it would fix it and that did the trick.

All emails that should have been sent were not deleted and were just waiting in our mail queue for the problem to be fixed so they could be sent. And once the server was rebooted all emails in the queue were sent out. They were just late.

I’m really sorry for theĀ inconvenience and hopefully this doesn’t happen again.