Have questions? We have answers.

How are you able to offer this service for free?

The ads that you place on your site (depending on your package) as well as the generous donations that come from our members go to help cover the cost of the server and software.

Can I put my own ads on my site?

Yes, you can put your own ads on your site. But, if you have the Expert 2000 package you can only have at most three ads by Google on a single page according to Google’s terms of service.

Are the ads and link on my site forced?

No. We force nothing on your page, this lets our members place our ad in a location that best fits into the design of their websites.

Do you allow IRC services on your servers?

No, we do not allow IRC services. But, we do allow chat services other than IRC such as ones coded in PHP or Javascript

Do you allow adult content on your servers?

No! Adult sites are not allowed on our server. Refer to our Rules and TOS.

Are GD or Imagemagick supported?

Yes, both GD and Imagemagick are fully supported on VlexoFree.

What are the upload filesize limits?

There is no filesize limit!

Am I allowed multiple accounts?

No. Only one account is allowed per household.

What nameservers do I use?

Please use: ns1.vlexofree.com and ns2.vlexofree.com

I signed up for an account but my account still says it’s pending..

You most likely have not completed the 4th step which is the interview. In which case, go back to the Getting Started page and read step 4. If you have already posted your interview then you should check the status of it and read any replies to it.