Interview Instructions

After this, you're done!

These are the instructions for the VlexoFree account interview.

Note: Before you can submit the interview you need to register an account on the forums and be logged in or else you will get a permission error. This is a separate account from the account you made in “Step 3″.

If you do not follow the guidelines exactly, your request might be denied. If you are denied, you are permitted to post another interview.

For the title of the topic/interview just enter your domain (for your hosting account) that you signed up for.

Use the following template to format your interview to make it easier for staff to approve your request:

E-mail Address:
Real name:
Your Country:
Do you agree to the TOS?:
60+ Word Description of your website:
What can you give back?:

Once you submit your interview, instead of waiting in your thread, post in the forums as this will speed up your application as it shows willingness to contribute to the community.

Important template field information!

Subdomain/Domain: The one when you went through the signup process. (,, etc..)

E-mail Address: This is your E-mail address. This must be a real account.

Package: This is the package you requested. Personal 500 or Expert 2000

Real name: This is your real life name.

Your Country: This is the country you live in. Ex: UK, USA, Canada, etc…

Do you agree to the TOS?: This is a yes or no question.

60+ Word Description of your website: This is a description of the website(s) you are going to host. This description must be at least 60 words in length. If it is not, your request will automatically be denied.

What can you give back?: What can you give in return? Active member of the community? Spread word of vlexofree? Etc.. Think about this one.

Referrer: How did you hear about us? Friend, website, etc….


Recommended Tips

  • Make sure you check your interview post after you post it. Interviews are reviewed about once a day and if staff see something wrong they might leave a comment on it to give you a chance to fix it, or they will deny it and you will need to post a new interview with the problems fixed.
  • Once your account is created by staff, do not leave an empty account! If your website is not completed or under construction you still have to have an Index page. On the page you should explain why your website is not up and say when you plan to have the site finished. In addition to that, you must have a link to Vlexo and the required ads (If your plan requires ads) on the page. If you don’t have this we may delete your account for being unused.
  • If you cannot find your submitted interview then go to the interview forum here and look through there and all the sub forums for it. You will only be able to see your interview.


Now that you have read all the above

Submit your Interview here!