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FTP, (or File Transfer Protocol), is the protocol which you will use to transfer your website to the VlexoFree servers, (or any server for that matter).

These steps will help you get through the basics of FTP-ing.

Of course, all software is different, and we can't describe each and every one in detail, but these have been designed to be applicable to most types of FTP client software!

Step 1: Software

In order to transfer files, you'll need some form of FTP software on your computer.

Some Web Publishing packages include FTP facilities, it may be worth checking to see if yours supports this.

We've listed a few below to help you get started;

Name Platform Free? URL
FileZilla Client Any http://filezilla-project.org/
CyberDuck Mac OS X http://cyberduck.ch/
SmartFTP Windows X http://www.smartftp.com/

Note: The inclusion of links to these software does not imply any form of recommendation by VlexoFree - They are merely provided as a courtesy to our users.

Step 2: Setting Up

In order to be able to use your FTP software, you will need to configure your account details so it can upload your website.

You may not be asked for all of these details in your software!

Nickname: Enter a friendly name that you will remember this connection by

Server or Host: This is usually ftp.yourdomain.com

Port: This should be the default, port 21

Username: Enter the username you use to access cPanel.

Password: Enter the password you use to access cPanel.

Path: If you want it to appear at the "root" of your domain (i.e. when you enter yourdomain.com), then put /public_html here

Connect Mode: Passive Mode, or PASV.

Web URL: Enter your domain name here, i.e. http://yourdomain.com

Step 3: Uploading

Now is the time to upload your site!

Once you have all the required pages and data, it is usually a case of "dragging-and-dropping" them onto your webspace!
(Some software requires you to use a dialog box to select your files, and then press upload.)

Make sure that "index.html" goes into the folder public_html - otherwise, your site will not work!
(public_html is the root of the website, i.e. http://example.com)

Congratulations! You've just uploaded your website using FTP!